Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company Sales Training

Copied from 02 Training - part of Jim Woods notes for his RML book

The Training Book

 Our new recruits would have to take our Introductory Training Program, held at the Banff School for one week. The charge for the school was $500 payable prior to enrolment and another $500 payable from early commissions. If at any time the Company or the Recruit decided to discontinue the school, any deposit paid would be refunded.

 The weeks training program started at 8.00am and ended at 10.00pm every day with homework to be completed for the next morning.  Our one-week Sales Training Program held at the Banff School of Fine Arts, and conducted by highly skilled and experienced trainers, and supported by our existing successful sales organization.  It wasn't an easy course to graduate from, and the prospective salesperson could quit the course any time prior to the closing ceremony, and we would willingly refund their enrolment fee. We made sure all recruits got their monies worth. The classes started at 8.00am, and most evenings were used to memorize our highly successful sales presentation.

 The course started with Opening Ceremonies early Sunday evening. The Chairman and President of the company usually opened the school with an hour-long address. This was usually following a detailed outline. The Chairman and President usually closed the school on Friday Afternoon about 3.00pm.

 Before we would allow prospective agents to attend the course, he or she had to leave with us the names and addresses of 200 people that they would be prepared to visit and tell the story of Rocky Mountain Life, and our products. The company would write all the recruits prospects advising them of their new career and current training, and that they would be calling on them shortly in the hopes that they could arrange to tell their story of Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company. People are always very supportive of others particularly when they are starting a new Career.

 Jim was the founder of the Campus Training Program held annually at the Banff School. It ultimately expanded to become a major factor in the training of the Life Underwriters across Canada.

 Rocky Mountain's Training, supervision and motivation was far and away above training programs generally offered to Life Agents.

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