The Purple Cougar Company

Copied from 02 Purple Cars - Part of jim Woods notes for his RML book

The Automobile Program

Probably the highlight of the Rocky Mountain motivation program was the Purple Cougar Program. It was possible for a new Recruit to be presented with a brand-new Purple (RML colour) Cougar Automobile within one month of sales activity provided he or she reached an income level of $2,000 per month.

They would retain the use of the Cougar as long as their income level was maintained at $1,500 per month. Should they miss this level for two consecutive months the car had to be returned. To get the car back they had to reach the $2,000 level and maintain the same $1,500 level as before.

At one stage Rocky Mountain Life had 150 Purple Cougars in operation throughout the Province. (Note although this is in Jim's notes, a later reference is said to be 105, and the Sales Manager for Universal checked with his accountant and they said 115)

The program had enormous advertising value as well as motivation value for our Sales Organization and the Company. It was probably the major reason for our highly successful recruiting program and continuous sales production. The Cougar automobile of the day was probably the most popular sports car available from any dealer. The cost of the cars was built into our sales commission schedule.

These 1968 Cougars at the Westgate Motel have never been found

Copied from 06 Recruiting - part of Jim Woods notes for his RML book